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Shopify is the #1 ecommerce software website builder in 2018. It is very popular and can be used to quickly develop ecommerce sites with great customer support. You can easily integrate Shopify with a large number of external shipping and payment systems. A user asked for the review of shopify ecommerce software and this started the journey of reviewing ecommerce products. My dad used to say It's so difficult to find good help these days”. I say, it's very difficult to find good web hosting these days. Dropping rates have resulted in ecommerce web hosting services and ecommerce web developmen companies often running themselves on little more than hot air or recruiting staff who are clearly not competent. Any resulting down-time can prove potentially expensive. It is relatively easy to find good professional help to build and market your online store or office but finding good web hosting is a different matter altogether.

While that might be a discussion for another article, the fact of the matter is that impulse buys on cheap products is one of the driving factors behind the success of events like Black Friday. The same can be said for online shopping. Flash sales, sales that seemingly appear out of nowhere with crazy low prices, is a great way to reel in customers and get them interested in your shop. You can do this by using a plugin like WP Popup for Wordpress or by using targeted Facebook Advertising to advertise your limited-time sale. Even if they end up not purchasing something during your flash sale, your store and brand are now in their heads and their history folder, and they might be back later when in need of something you offer.

In the absence of clear cut policies and guidance, e-health in India is facing legal roadblocks. Till now we do not have any dedicated e-health laws and regulations in India. The legal enablement of e-health in India is urgently required. In United States, the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Of 1996 (pdf) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), etc are some of the laws that take care of medico legal and techno legal issues of e-health and telemedicine. Laws like these are missing in India.

As on date, online gaming, online gambling, fantasy sports and online lotteries websites are not complying with the internet intermediary compliances and cyber law due diligence (pdf) requirements prescribed under the Information Technology Act 2000. Similarly, almost all of the online poker websites in India are violating one or other laws of India. Although online gaming market in India is booming yet regulatory compliances cannot be ignored.

It seems online gaming and online gambling industry of India is not considering regulations while conducting their businesses in India.

If you have a brick and mortar or are simply looking to start fresh online, using a service that can cover the whole spectrum will make your experience easier, and in the long run, more successful. Being able to be everywhere your customers are, social media, web, and mobile will be your greatest asset on the road to a prosperous business venture. While there are multiple options available to choose from, and it can be overwhelming, Ecwid is continuing to prove that it understands where ecommerce is heading and with a toolbox full of apps and plugins available to bolster the core service, Ecwid is a main contender in the battle for best ecommerce solution.

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